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CaseViewNet Client Software for PC - Download

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CaseViewNet client viewer provides interactive realtime access to testimony through a court reporter's private network, either wirelessly or wired

In its most basic form, CaseViewNet accepts a traditional serial feed from any court reporter and will work as a standard platform in any realtime environment. Couple CaseViewNet with output from a licensed Case CATalyst-CaseViewNet reporter and you will unleash the real power of CaseViewNet!

Download eTranscript Viewer
E-Transcript Viewer - Download

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View transcripts in .PTX format. E-Transcripts are searchable with the ability of printing in both full and condensed formats.

If you experience difficulties with the download or installation of this product, please contact RealLegal support at 1-888-584-9988.

Download DepoViewer
DepoView -Download
Developed by InData Corporation, 877.463.2829

DepoViewer (10MB) After you have downloaded the video deposition viewer once, you will be able to open every DepoView file you receive.

Download MS Word Viewer

MS Word Viewer - Download
Developed by Microsoft, Inc.,

MS Word Viewer - (25 MB) View, print and copy Word documents, even if you don't have Word installed.

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